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VM Architects Have joined the on-Line community

There are some who claim “Change is never good”. We beg to differ. VMA On-Line is good for us and good for you. We are and we will deliver all the Valuable and Memorable Architecture, same as ever before. Only in a better way.

VMA is an innovative, design-led architectural practice built on knowledge and nurtured relationships. We have close, long-term relationships with our clients and consultants to ensure strategic decisions are being taken early in a project and the best solutions are applied in all stages of every project.

  • VMA has a proven track record for delivering high quality projects.
  • Our work covers buildings ranging from National Monuments to individual houses.
  • We are passionate about buildings and how they are put together.
  • We draw on a wealth of in-house technical knowledge and experience to detail and coordinate projects with a library of robust construction details and expertise in both traditional and modern construction methods.

We Offer Architectural And Project Management Services Which Closely Follow RIBA Work Stages As Follows:


  1. Identify planning requirements and other parameters or constraints and
  2. Develop the project brief.
  3. Review of Site Information and, if necessary, procure a measured survey of the site
  4. Undertake Feasibility Studies
  5. Early discussions with relevant consultants where specialist advice may be required, for example structural engineer and planning consultants.
  6. Assessment of the preferred options in planning risk and cost terms i.e. number of storeys basement car park, number and type of residential units, Community Levy, section 106 agreement, etc.
  7. Prepare project program and execution plan
  8. Agree project Budget


Following confirmation of the brief our works will be as follows:

  1. Production of “as existing” plans, elevations and critical sections if necessary
  2. Initial design according to the brief.
  3. Early discussions with relevant consultants as necessary (planning consultant, structural or traffic engineer, etc.)
  4. Discussions with yourself or interested parties with regard to the design possibilities and exchange of ideas
  5. Production of information recommended by the Authority to inform the Pre-application meeting
  6. Pre-application meeting with the Local Authority and report


  1. Further design development as defined by the pre-application advice
  2. Agree route to Building Regulation compliance
  3. Production of the of Planning Application Package
  4. Submission of the full planning application and relevant documents to the Local Planning Authorities
  5. Monitoring the progress of the application process.


Prepare On-Line Pricing And Production Documentation

  1. Detailed design development.
  2. Produce a full set of drawings representing the works to be carried out on site
  3. Prepare Contract Preliminaries and Materials and Workmanship specifications
  4. Prepare a pricing schedule, as necessary
  5. Production and submission of Building Control package
  6. Production of further detail working drawings as necessary i.e. toilets & kitchen layouts, lighting and electrical design etc.
  7. Discharge of any pre-commencement Planning Conditions
  8. Preparation of Construction Phase Plan

Tender Action

  1. Assemble a short list of suitable contractors to execute the works for your consideration
  2. Send copies of tender documentation electronically to the selected contractors
  3. Appraise and report on the returned tenders



  1. Prepare the building contract and arrange for it to be signed
  2. Provide the builder with information required for construction work to commence
  3. Visit the site as necessary to see that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with the contract
  4. Certify payments for works carried out or completed and advise on financial outturn
  5. Discharge any remaining Planning Conditions

Post Construction Works

  1. Make final inspections and arrange for the correction of any defects
  2. Agree the final account and issue Practical Completion certificate
  3. Inspect for defects after 12 months and issue Final Certificate

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