VM Architect Project Management Solution (VMARC PM) is compliant, scalable and based on on-line location independence.


V.M.Architects Project Management Platform (PMP)

Manage projects in the cloud

  • Adopt Cloud-based solution
  • Increase project team’s productivity and manage risk
  • on-time, on-budget delivery through structured workflows, dynamic reporting, mobile applications and simillar.

Lean standards for VMARC


Project wide unlimited

  • Control information and processes across projects, for all internal and external participants.
  • Regardless of project location and regardless of participants locations.

Collaboration unlimited

  • Store, distribute and manage any number of files, any size and any type with any number of project participants without additional significant cost.

Take charge of timelines

  • Plan and create workflows and enforce deadlines for common tasks and processes.
  • No slipped schedule.

Building Information Management (BIM)

  • Plan and create a single, interconnected source of project data.
  • Enable the whole project team to distribute and mark up BIM models without using expensive authoring software.

VMARC Compliance

Compliance: Land acquisition and permitting

  • Store documents related to land acquisition and permitting together with all other project information for a complete record of a project’s lifecycle from inception to handover.

Compliance: Design reviews with change management

  • From designs to shop drawings, streamline review and approval processes by using well defined workflows.
  • Know who is reviewing any document at any time. Be able to see the history of approvals.

Compliance: Green certification

  • Manage LEED and similar compliance documentation together with the rest of project information
  • Avoid duplicated work.

Compliance: Stakeholder coordination

  • Keep all communication with architects, consultants and public agencies in one place.
  • Share correspondence with team members and access it from anywhere.

Save time from bidding to close-out

 Bid management

  • Collaborate to find qualified bidders, find bids by trade, send out bidding packages and manage responses from one intuitive on-line interface.
  • Reduce bid processing times by half.

RFIs and change orders

  • Put structure around the process for submitting and approving RFIs and change orders.
  • LetVMARC customers receive RFIresponsesmuch faster than average.
    • Be able to see the history of changes.


  • Ensure all building systems are fully functional.
  • Do not email. Emailsistime consuming
    • Resolve issues and fix defects faster using mobile device for field inspection application.

Compliance: Handover and close-out

  • Quickly compile handover documents and update as-built information with “few clicks”.
  • For 100% Compliance keep full audit trails, to settle unresolved claims.

The VMARC PM advantage


Mobile Devices

  • Use mobile devices to get more work done on site—from reviewing plans and Owner’s Manual (O&M) information to field inspections.

Deploy in days

  • BecauseVMARC PM Solution is 100% cloud, there’s almost no needforadditional PM related hardware or software.
    • Choose unlimited global support to guarantee a speedy roll-out.

Mature Security & Compliance

  • Adopt PM solution where distributing information is safe.
  • Plan for sharing with rigorous information security practices in place. Certified by registered consultants.

Global support

  • Plan for PM solution to be multilingual.
  • Plan to enable required support by local experts in locations around the world.
  • Manage information and processes between all companies on all projects, unlimited and worldwide.