Sharing with Google Drive

1. Log-in to your Google Drive


2. Chose file or folder you wish to share, and right-click on it


click on Share

3. You shall see this screen



4. Enter e-mail address of the person you would like to share with


If the e-mail address is not in your Gmail contacts, you have to enter entire address. In case the address is in your contacts you shall get assistance.





5. On this screen you can chose if the person can edit, comment or view


Or you can choose to click on Advanced


6. If you choose advanced settings you will be presented with this screen


Here you can change settings for those you already shared file with


And to set the sharing option for the person you wish to add to sharing list, as on the screen in point 5


Please note that, for those who already share the file with you, you can choose option Is owner. This effectively changes the ownership of the shared resource to that person. In this case you retain Can edit privilege.

7. Chose id you wish to change sharing settings by clicking Change


You shall see this screen


 Here you can chose to give to others the permission to add people and change permissions.

8. Chose if you wish to send an e-mail with link by checking Notify people via email


In which case you can add a short note and set two more options

Click Send

In case you do not wish to send an e-mail un-check Notify people via email


And click OK

9. Click Done


10. In case you wish to share files or folders with person which does not have address this warning will be displayed


For security reasons, it is recommended to click No here end ask the person to create account on if possible.

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